How can I order? 
All products can be ordered easily by placing the product in the digital shopping basket. Next, create an account to complete the order. The order will be confirmed by e-mail. If you have not received a message (not even in your spam box), please contact us.

Can I also purchase a product as a gift?
Would you like to purchase a product as a present for someone else? You can! Just fill in his or her address details when ordering.

Until when can I order?
Until when you can order a product can differ per product. Look at the specific page of your chosen product for more information.

Can I cancel my order?
Changed your mind? Until when you can cancel an order can differ per product. Please check the specific page of your chosen product for more information. Cancellation is simple: send us a message via our contact form (including your order number). We will refund the full amount. After delivery, we can unfortunately no longer take back or refund 'fresh products'.

Change address?
Provided the wrong address by mistake? Please contact us to change the delivery address. You can also make the change directly to DPD after receiving the first delivery notice from DPD.


How do I pay?
You make the payment directly when ordering. There are several payment methods available.

Is paying safe?
The payment of an order takes place in a secure internet environment. Others are not able to look into this. Transaction data is sent encrypted via an SSL connection. This can be recognised by the green padlock in the browser.

What are the delivery costs?
The delivery costs may vary per product. Please check the specific page of your chosen product to find the information. From €75,- delivery costs are free!

Can I receive an invoice?
For business customers it is possible to receive an invoice. For this we do need a VAT number. The request for an invoice can be made during the order process or by contacting us via our contact form.


When will my order be delivered?
When a product is delivered can differ per product. Please check the specific page of your chosen product to find the information.

Will I be notified in advance?
The evening before delivery you will receive the first message from DPD via email or SMS, informing you that a parcel will be delivered the next day.
On the day of delivery you will receive a second e-mail or text message from DPD with the exact time of delivery.

Can I still change my delivery?
You can change your delivery up to 30 minutes before arrival.

What if I'm not at home?
Did you miss the deliverer? Then your order will be offered again the next day.

Can't the deliverer leave the order with the neighbours?
Due to food safety regulations, DPD does not leave parcels under carports, on windowsills, at the front door, at newsagents, at post offices, with neighbours, etc. 
When the first delivery is not successful, the order will be stored overnight in a refrigerated place, to guarantee the shelf life of the food.

Can I still change the delivery address or postpone the delivery to another date?
Yes, you can by clicking on the link in the email or text message from DPD. Please take into account the shelf life of the products. See the relevant product page for more information.

I did not receive my order, what now? 
You haven't received your order after the 2nd delivery day? Please contact us.

Product information

Do the products contain allergens?
The products may contain allergens. Unfortunately, it is not possible to adjust the contents of the box. For more information on the allergens of the product, we refer you to the specific product page.

How long do my ingredients stay fresh?
For this information, please refer to the specific product page.

How sustainable are Aramark products?
Sustainability plays a role in everything we do. Aramark's meal boxes make it easy to buy, cook and eat fresh and healthy, and to contribute to your own vitality and a more sustainable world.

Doubts or questions?
Feel free to contact us.